Sunday, March 05, 2006

iBegin [Toronto]

This is exactly the kind of thing I like coming out of the "Web 2.0" and mashups and what-have-you. Searching for stuff in Toronto is slightly easier than before with Google Local, but I think the social aspect of iBegin is definitely the way to go. If sites like MySpace can be in the top 5 visited sites online, it's about time someone leveraged that all that time-wasting online for something productive.

What is iBegin?
And this is where iBegin comes in. This site is our attempt at using local people to help build a local search that works! And not just a search, but a hub. From reviews to pictures to favourites, a great way to for people to not only find local places, but also a way of finding out what other local users think.

That site, combined with 52 Mondays [via Funkaoshi], is making me really want to live in T.O. this summer.

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